How The Multiverse Works

TheEthrenicPlanesThe Planes are only vaguely understood by the most connected minds among arcana. While certain gates or paths may appear to lead to another world, plane, or demiplane, the overall connections of these is linked back to the original Paragons (or creators)

Presented is a version of the map of planes which transcends any specific perception of the world. However, there are many things that align with Ethren, which is why many scholars consider it special among the worlds.

The myth, as it’s understood goes like this:

In the blackness of the void stood the Five… Shapers of worlds and creators of reality.

Some call them the Paragons. Neither flesh nor energy, somewhere between both. No one knows where the Five originated, but in each world, they appear as different avatars, taking the role of gods. Each remains in the highest of realms, the Paragonic Plane, surrounding all other realities.

  • First Father – This stone-like being would become the iconic representation of Fulgar. His hands, large and thick, his neck like a mountain rising to his jaw. His stony stare and eyes, deep set in his skull, stoic and unwavering. His massive hands forging places of metal and stone. He was the father of law. He created the Dwarves.
  • World Mother – A round and shapely form, who’s eyes are water gave rise to all earth and mother cults. Her long, flowing “hair” made of roots, reaching out to draw power from anywhere in the void and occasionally blooming new worlds. Her hands, the softest, fashioned earth and grass, and fur. Her voice is honey and her smile, warmth. She is the mother of goodness. She created the Elves.
  • The Navigator – Having never assumed a shape, this formless mass of light and energy often aligns itself with the geometric patterns inherent to all things, then just a quickly bursts into trails of chaotic lightning. Its purpose, not entirely clear, The Center is the Shaper of Magic, Creator of Neutrality, balancing all things. It created the Celestials.
  • The Old Form – Wisest of the Shapers, this mass of black tentacles has been the center of many religions. The Old Form loves worship and feeds on it. From the void, it reaches into all realities to continually search for new things and it oft times alters them. It’s the form of mysteries, most curious of the Five, and the progenitor of Chaos. It stands between the other four and it created Humanity.
  • Teeth-in-Darkness – Devoid of sex, but equally referred to as he and she throughout the multiverse, Teeth-in-Darkness is filled with corruption, jealous of the others, most oft represented as a dragon-like being, brooding in the darkness, but eyes burning like fire. Its claws etched out the first alphabets, spawned the dragons across time and opened the plane of the Nine Hells. It lays claim to being the original Evil.