At the intersection of the middle kingdom sits the village of Clatterton, so named for the great amount of hoofed traffic passing through and around it. It boasts the most extensive collection of horse trading (the Hoofmarket) and is home to the southern tournament grounds used by many knights in the region. However, it’s claim to fame is the Cistern Citadel, a stone keep surrounding a massive fountain, which magically produces fresh water for its inhabitants. Surrounding the village proper is a large, high wooden fortification, encircled by a number of farms.

The villagers of Clatterton are generally happy and friendly, seeing much of the kingdom’s traffic pass through it’s gates. There are number of local services and business, but nothing comparing to the capital. Conducting any other sort of business in the village requires a pass coin from the appropriate guild, who watches over the Guildmarket with a heavy hand.

Most unusual is it’s government structure; a warden of Clatterton, appointed by the King’s Court, but answering to a pair of crotchety old mages (one a wizard and the other a sorcerer) who’s machinations have subtly altered the village over the years. Each has his own tower and they rarely interact, except in the most dire of consequences. The Warden himself usually stays out their affairs, busying himself with the day to day troubles of keeping a village safe and clean. He employees a number of guardians (village constabulary) known as the Pallisade Watchmen who dutifully mind the gates day and night.

Greenspur Shire


The village of Greenfield and territory North.

The area around Greenfield is sometimes referred to as the Greenspur or the High Lowlands. While Greenfield itself is afforded some autonomy due to it’s religious nature, the Reeve of Longbridge still holds the right to extract taxes from the village and it’s environs.

The village itself is surrounded by farms for several miles, which grow most of the food for Longbridge. Across the Stonewater river to the north lies Road’s End. It’s the terminus for the Far Road (an extension of the King’s Highway) and entry into the more savage lands of the Spearfolk. At the end of a path leading south of Road’s End and back to the river is Hare’s Run. It’s a collection of fishermen halflings who make their home along the muddy banks. Infrequently, some of the Hare’s Run folk cross the river on rafts to trade with the folk of Greenfield.

Further up the road north from Road’s End and off the beaten path is a monastic order known as the Wild Rose. They are an eclectic mix of elves, humans and half-elves pursuing what they call “the flow of beauty”. Their fighting style is graceful and each of them also excel in some sort of art form other than martial training.

Greenfield’s farmers and merchants also find use for the old Brownstone Mill, just a few miles north along the River Road.

About fifteen minutes walk east of Greenfield is a crumbling, moss laden circle of stones. Parents used to frighten their children with tales of fey gates, but most consider it old wives tales. Further on and up a slight rise is Hunter’s Hill. Residents of the Greenspur are granted hunting rights by the King, validated by carrying a token acquired in Longbridge. Token’s have been passed down from family to family and are jealously guarded.

Finally, over Hunter’s Hill and nearly to FoxGrove is an Elven shrine to the older gods, but some still use it for worship of Eadowyn. There is a path leading from Farmer Breakstone’s fields, but few use it because it passes along an old ruin that many fear is haunted or worse, inhabited by terrible things.

The City of Longbridge


Thought to be the folly of King Loras, this town has actually thrived over the last 100+ years and continues to grow, a center for trade between the two kingdoms of Edelrend and Folkstand. Home to two major churches and a hub for travel for anyone heading to or from the Tanglewood, it’s solid walls and burgeoning merchant’s guild makes it a desirable place for those with coin.

Recently, the Sheriff (Brannid Bowsprit) has been levying citizens unfairly and seems to be out to make a name for himself by arresting anyone for the slightest of crimes. The miscarriage of justice has been ignored by the Crown however, because he has many influential friends in the Court. And the local Lord Longbridge (Bannon) is his cousin.