This world was created in support of FOUR semi-active D&D 5e Campaigns. Who knows if we’ll ever get to YouTube, but we’re still having fun making things.

In honor of  the Deep Earth Dungeoneers of Greenfields, the Bardic Mercs of Glimring, the Farflung Tribes of the Falsduran, and the newly added Coastal Folk under the eye of the Eldwydnar, whose tireless enthusiasm and ideas help Ethren live and breathe:

Ryan “Ralvor the Monk with No Beard” Crenshaw
Marc “Stig the Servant of Fulgar and Savior of The Old Temple” Greene
Katie “Gromley the Crackshot, servant to the Crown” O.
Jason “Hokraeth the Everhigh Druid” Crutchley
Ken “Don’t worry, I’ll heal you from back here” Lovingood
NEW Dungeoneers in 2018
Erica “Jezandra, charm them to death” Mays
Evan “Farmathr the Portal finding Dwarf” Perlman

former Dungeoneers

Ben “Tannen the Troublemaker, master of mad magics” Eastman (lost with a dragon)
Eldon “I was a famous brewer but I quit” Lorenzen (who quit)
Joe “The Legendary Rosco Twiddletoes” Knight (who moved)


Jason “Bombrick the Pint-sized Warrior” Crutchley (again)
Aaron “Bjark the Dwarven Barbarian” Krug
Nick “Ivan the Greycloak; a Northman” Seniura
Patrick “Magdha the Mysterious” Smith
Jason “Corwynn the Misfiring Gypsy” Eitemiller

Former Mercs:

Paul “Alwynn the Humble Bard” Morris (retired to NPC status)

New group as of 2018

Rob “Palest Priest Ever” Harland
Steve “I dunno my character yet” Kohnke
Joel Medina & Jessica Switzer-Medina as the Angriest Halfling Twins.

Pat “Look I’m a Tiefling this time!” Smith (again)

and online:

Ryan “Uthro the One-Armed Drummer” Crenshaw (again)
Stephen “Tryggr the arrow slinger” Jolly
Lowell “Aron the arrow-catcher” Kempf
Dawn “Ylva sniffs like a wolf” Stiers
Shad “Gunthar Two Hammers, Servant of Order” Kunkle
Paul “Sometimes I show up as Durdur” Manion



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