This world was created in support of three semi-active D&D 5e Campaigns. Soon, we may be adding some one shots on YouTube.

In honor of The Bardic Mercs of Glimring and the Deep Earth Dungeoneers, whose tireless enthusiasm and ideas help it live and breathe:

Ryan “Ralvor the Monk with No Beard” Crenshaw
Marc “Stig the Servant of Valgur and Savior of The Old Temple” Greene
Ben “Tannen the Troublemaker, master of mad magics” Eastman
Katie “Gromley the Crackshot, servant to the Crown” O.
Jason “Hokraeth the Everhigh Druid” Crutchley 

Paul “Alwynn the Humble Bard” Morris
Jason “Bombrick the Pint-sized Warrior” Crutchley (again)
Aaron “Bjark the Dwarven Barbarian” Krug
Nick “Ivan the Greycloak; a Northman” Seniura
Patrick “Magdha the Mysterious” Smith
Jason “Corwynn the Misfiring Gypsy” Eitemiller

and online:

Ryan “Uthro the One-Armed Drummer” Crenshaw (again)
Stephen “Tryggr the arrow slinger” Jolly
Lowell “Aron the arrow-catcher” Kempf
Dawn “Ylva sniffs like a wolf” Stiers
Shad “Gunthar Two Hammers, Servant of Order” Kunkle



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