The Ethrenic Birthchart

Every birth date has omens and auspicious signs associated with it. The Ethrenic culture is no different as they believe each birth date can tell something about the being.

Below is a rough guide for determining a character’s birthday and how it might shape their personality (or at least how they may be perceived by others.). For this reason, many hide their birth dates, treating them as special and magical, shared with only a few trusted friends.

While these are general guidelines, certain high holy days, festivals and astrological events could cause a shift or heighten certain characteristics.

Month (d12)

1          Chant   –  Born to bring change, in constant motion, frenetic
2          Dew     –  Will have many offspring, productive
3          Graze  –  Stubborn but true, bull headed, confrontational
4          Song    –  Soft spoken as the Elves, pursues folly
5          Sun      –  At home in the elements, pragmatic
6          Breath –  Always considering, thoughtful, enduring
7          Fields  –  Stout of body or mind, sturdy, wholesome
8          Reap    –  Ready to work, hearty, rural
9          Wind   –  Loyal to a fault, easily duped
10        Dark     –  Prefers the shadows, cold hearted, survivors
11        Ice       –  Untrustworthy, dangerous, corruptible
12        Thaw   –  Can see the truth, finds hidden meanings

Week (d20)

1-4       First week – Achievers, brash, bold
5-8       Second week – Intelligent, careful, patient
9-12     Third week – Fair, balanced, just, stable
13-16   Fourth week – Prone to travel, restless, adventurous
17-20   Last week – Curious, questioning, magical

Day (d6)

1          Mansday – Servant to all
2          Toolsday – Skilled at their trade
3          Whimsday – Great sense of humor
4          Chorseday – A head for hard work
5          Fieldsday – Practical minded
6          Settlesday – Given to folly



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