The Northern Lands


The Northern Lands as seen through the eyes of the Falsduran run from the Great Ice (aka Angrelid) all the way down to the Edeldale (known to the Falsdurans as “The Six Kingdoms of the Lie”). Their perception of the lower central kingdoms is based on their belief of dragons. They reject that Herras was the vanquisher of all dragons, since there is an ancient white dragon living in the Angrelid, who’s breath continues to push the ice south.

While there are not actually any “nation states”, each Jarl running their own village, there are two distinct regions populated by men: The Falsdur and the Gamhald. The Falsdur consists of mostly farms and agrarian Northmen, while the Gamhald is a bit wilder and incorporates the fishermen of the West Coast.

Beyond there are the great mountains of the Gallendaag, where Hill, Stone, Cloud and Storm giants roam as well as communities of Goliaths. Beneath, in the deep earth, are the Fire giants. The most trouble comes from bands of raiding Hill giants, errant groups of Stone giants and occasionally the Fire giants who brave the surface.

Farther East is the Huldvastan, where wild men and elves roam. Further still are the Rastlud, magical islands where a number of warlocks have carved out as their own territory.


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