Magic : Glowstones

Among the arcane substances mined by the dwarves for greater consumption are Glowstones. These soft, phosphorescent rocks glow brightly when warm. If held in the hand of a living creature they will produce a pale, green light slightly brighter than a candle and feeling slightly cool to the touch. They last a total of 1d6 hours and give off soft light in a 10′ radius and dim light in an additional 5′, as long as they are held.  However, there is a moment of attunment (1d4 rounds) each time as the stones power grows. While unconfirmed, it’s thought that these stones can last twice as long in a cold environment and half as long in the tropics (where they always give off a phosphorescence providing dim light up to 5′).

They can often be found in barrows and crypts to light the way for respectful visitors. It’s thought that the harsh light of a torch disturbs the dead, whereas these arcane embers do not. They are rumored though, to attract curious spirits.

They are prized by adventurers and dungeon delvers who wish to quietly skulk about without being completely blind as the soft light can’t be spotted as far as a candle or torch (normally, you can’t see one until you are within 20′ of the user). Their rarity and popularity have commanded an inflated price on the surface of the world. As a commodity, they can vary from 2d6 gp each, but in the Deep Earth, they are usually given away as playthings to the children.

Once used up, they appear as little more than milky, quartz-like stones with a greenish cast. These can often be found discarded around crypts and trails under the Deep Earth.


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