The Dancing Maiden

As one enters Glimring from the StoneGate, the first district encountered is the Traveler’s District. No surprise then, that many who have traveled into the Capital from this gate end up at the Dancing Maiden.

Just off Courage Alley, its entrance is tucked into a small walkway opposite a fairly austere manor (the home of a local noble, who never seems to be home). The drainage canal just beyond rarely causes a problem until the hot summer months. Courage Alley occasionally is patrolled by the King’s Guard, but is rarely the site of civil disturbance.

Inside, the inn is primarily a long, stone drinking hall with a grand fireplace in the middle. At one end is the entrance to the kitchen and bar, at the other, a stage where young performers ply their trade. Virtually all of them are students who are practicing their craft before performing in the Entertainer’s district.

A set of stairs near the kitchen leads up to a smoking and sleeping room. At the end of that chamber is a locked door for parties requiring a more private stay. To sleep in the bar costs a mere 2 copper, upstairs 1 silver and the private room costs a gold piece per night. The only enforcement here is by the bar owner, Baldren the Wheezer, an older human with a pronounced rattle when he breathes.


The Dancing Maiden surrounds an old courtyard which has seen better days, closed in by a number of private residences. Across Courage Alley lies a tumble of apartments and small shops catering to the needs of its itinerant guests.

Notable patrons include Pillut Dilt, the alchemist who runs his shop just next door, Lord Aren Bellsweight (the owner of the manor across the way), and a dwarven tinker called Vandholm. Both Pillut and Vanholm own shops within the courtyard.


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