The Blackblades

Very little is known about the underworld in the Capital City of Glimring. Magical obfuscation and a potentially corrupt city guard have given rise to a number of small, influential gangs. The most notorious of these are the Blackblades.

Rumored to be a haven of demon worshippers and wererats, the Blackblades have terrorized the poorer sections of the city as well as the sewer system. The original meaning of “blackblade” was a knife poisoned by sewer water or sewage. The current crop of the Blackblades freely ascribes to poisoned weapons (a number of them practice as assassins). No one knows who the leader is, but the Crown would pay premium reward for information or best, elimination.

The former leader, Bellur, was recently killed and no one has stepped up to claim his role as leader of the infamous band.