The Brev

Brev and Tender

Brevs are native to the lower grasslands and have been around as long as the recorded history. Their sturdy nature and heavy fur indicate that may have originated at Worldtop and some even speculate these were originally bred as pets for the Giantkin.

The Brev is a massive beast, standing nearly 12 feet at the top of its fatty hump. They are general docile, chewing on the great longrass of the Wheatsea, with their short, solid beaks. Physically they resemble a sort of tawny, fluffy buffalo with the solid legs of a massive tortoise. In the wild they roam in packs of 2-4 adults and usually have 1 or 2 calves in tow. Because of their size, they have few natural enemies on the plains, but the dragons thinned their numbers so greatly, it was thought they might go extinct. More and more are being seen in the past few years and this is seen as a victory over the dragons.

Brevs have been used along the plains as transport and those who are kept in a domesticated state are sheared during the warm months. Their fur is thick and oily, which provides a natural repellant to rain and snow. It’s not uncommon to find warm tunics, trousers and vests made of their wool worn by many races in the Edlerend.

Land barges hauling raw materials from the south are often pulled by a single Brev as it eats less often than other draft animals and can hauls loads for far longer than the more conventional stock. Owning a Brev in the Kingdoms must be authorized by the King’s Forester so to conserve those that remain.

The Brev is considered good luck, and often if they are pulling goods to larger cities you will see them surrounded by loving crowds trying to give it a lucky pat.