Personalities: The Wind

She is elusive and distant, this leader of the the fighting style known as “The Way of Two Vines”. Many think her distance is a defense, a quiet fortress to conceal any involvement with the Crown. Some purport her to be a spy for the King himself, and it’s well known that she’s not trusted in the land of her own folk, the Elves. However, when encountered she is polite, charming and glides so effortlessly and elusively, she’s earned her nickname: The Wind.

Her support of the free peoples is unquestioned. In the early days of expansion, The Wind supposedly travelled with the first Rangers of Ringthorn, teaching them unarmed methods to defend themselves. She currently is something of a folk hero to the peoples of Folkstand, as she was partially responsible for driving the Blind-Bear clans out of threat range. It’s possible that these are just rumors or, more likely, she is far older than she appears.

Her monastery is deep in the Tanglewood and many who study under her are never seen again. While the rumors suggest they go deeply undercover to be assassins, the harsh reality is most of them succumb to the dangers of the deep woods. The Wind, however, has traveled alone through most every dangerous place and remains untouched.

Most recently, she’s been seen traveling in the regions along the Stonewater River. To what end, no one can say.


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