IlkMire – Treacherous Travels


Ilkmire is a relatively lawless section of the land, overrun by Lizardfolk, Goblins and a very foul tempered Ettin. The King’s men have actually ceased patrolling IlkMire and a decree was issued to absolve the Crown of any responsibility for subjects that travelled there. Still there are a few foolhardy adventurers that seek their fortunes, only to disappear along the foggy banks of the Fox River or into the tangled forests that surround it.

The Lizardfolk have been pacified by two things: a regular ranger patrol from the North has kept their numbers at bay (along with the help of a very capable druid at Witchmound). To the South, the Ettin known as “Barg-Darg” that wanders throughout Murkdale tends to cause enough havoc that they keep to themselves. Raiding however occasionally occurs on the hunters and trappers that frequent the Fox Grove.

The meeting of the Fox River and the Shallowrun was once the great hope for moving goods down the coast, but the purge of dragons allowed several foul things to hide in the swamps and the area became hopelessly corrupted. Some fear there is a Black dragon still lurking somewhere in the Stenchwood, but to date no one has proven such. If that were the case, the King would most certainly invoke the Edict of Herras and invade.


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