GLIMRING : Notable Pubs


There are probably as many pubs as people in Glimring, as the saying goes, and while there are probably hundreds of establishments, these few are notable to the group for one reason or another.

The Skittering Mouse – Arlo Hoddon, owner of the Skittering Mouse doesn’t care where you come from, how young, how drunk or how scary you are. As long as you have coin, you may drink. This tumbled down little pub sits at the corner of the LongMarket Road and the footpath West to the farms. Listed here because it’s most likely the first place many of the farmfolk in this area had their first drink.

Pocket and Lock – An immensely rowdy pub, it remains open because of the gypsies and merchants who make up many of its patrons. It has the reputation of being a place where one may be easily relieved of their purse, but in the recent years, this reputation may be an unfair one. Still, there are many unsavory characters to be found there.

The Flaming Bard (formerly BoneDevil’s Barb) – A popular pub with the handlers of the flesh trade found in the Hides Quarter. They serve a very popular local spirit known as “CornsBrine” (a corn whisky) which some say is the only smell that can overpower the stench of the Hides District. Due to the new management here (local heroes of a sort), the brew has been better and the entertainment, much more highbrow than the other local establishments.

The Fearful Horse – A terrible joke that reminds people, once during the Lean Years, some were forced to eat their own horses. It’s a popular bar for the local butchers, meat cutters and skinners.

Beetle’s Burrow – Owned by Beekin Beetlerider (aka Beetle), a very pleasant Gnome, this bar is proportioned to specifically for the Gnomish element in the Growers District.

The White Swan – Considered to be the most expensive pub in Glimring. This posh, lavishly decorated pub is the drinking spot for most lords and nobles returning to the Royal District. It contains the most well stocked wine cellar in the region, holding nearly 1500 different vintages.

Merchant’s Coin – A popular pub with the Guildmasters and Guildmatrons of Glimring. Many a deal has been sealed here over their own strong house stout called “Coin’s Contract” (affectionately referred to as Double C).

The Broken Wand – A large and rambling bar serving a variety of delicacies during mealtimes, this public house is the most popular for those engaged in Magecraft.

The Dragon’s Heart – In the middle of the pub, displayed on a large stone dias is indeed a dragon’s heart. Normally this would not be allowed, but a royal decree allowed it hundreds of years ago. This is the oldest of the original city public houses, has numerous small rooms with coal fires tucked away and is the start of many a great adventurers journey.

Elbarith’s Sorrow – To many this sounds like another gloomy Elven pub name, but it is a reference to a very famous poem from the old times that Elves immediately understand. It’s a very common meeting place for Elvenfolk and is one of the cleanest, safest pubs in Glimring.

Archer’s Aim – Another popular spot for the Elves, Archer’s Aim is so named because beneath it’s drinking hall, there is a large archery range which can be accessed for a very small fee.

The Ravensview – Associated with the Grand Royal, Ravensview serves expensive meals and drinks atop a bar overlooking the wall. In the warm months, the rooftop serves as the main bar. Recently the owner has acquired a very clever raven who sings to patrons for coins.

The Red Pony – One of the characters in the campaign will have a relative who owns this bar. It serves meals at all times of the day, but otherwise, it’s unremarkable.

Five By Nine – A very non-traditional name for a pub, the owner is a worshipper of the All-Cloud of Infinite Points. It’s interior room is a large pentagon and on the ceiling are painted the nine tenets of the “faith”. The owners “one perfect thing” is presumably this pub with its bright interior colors and perfect angles. It’s rumored that the sheer mathematical perfection of its interior can sicken any agents of chaos.

Maggot’s Meal – A seedy and dangerous place, this is rumored to be the meeting place of the Thieves Guild.

The Broken Wagon ­– A popular pub for local farmers who brave the city. Its simple interior, cheap prices and ample supply of “Bumblebeer” (a honey sweetened ale) keeps the homespun clientele coming back for more.

The Whispering Maiden – An anomaly in the Entertainer’s District, this smoky pub has dancing girls who are NOT associated with the Bardic tradition. Many times, these dancers are courting rakish gentry here for a good time, plying them with promises ending in a night at The Wealthy Rooster. It was this practice that gave rise to the phrase “a little walk down the King’s Road North” which alludes to prostitution.

Blackwatch Public House – More of an event than a pub, this bustling space feeds nearly every guard or barrister in the Justicars District. It boasts 6 separate kitchens and is one of the only bars that is three stories tall. It can provide meals to go with sufficient notice.

The Sobbing Jester – So named for anyone failing to excel at the Bardic College. This is where many students come to perfect their craft without fear of criticism in the official venues. And it’s most recently become a venue for “Pistling”, the art of hurling insults. It’s also a very popular venue for those that perform comedy.

Brews of the Deep Earth – This is a very strange pub, since the door leads straight down a set of stairs 50 feet below the surface of the city. Inside, it is a vast series of low ceilinged rooms filled with a variety of Dwarven beers. It’s the go to place for visiting Dwarves and some rumor there is an unlicensed inn hidden in the walls, but no city guard has ever found it.

The Bitter Berry – The only public house to exclusively serve wine. There are several varieties available, usually in young vintages, since it acts as a tasting house for the local vintners.

The Resting Bull ­­– In Brightgate Market this is a very famous pub (and one first along the road into Giimring) known for its wonderful breakfasts and sausages. In fact it typically has a line that stretches behind the building, but the farmer’s always happily wait.


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