Glimring : Jewel of the Kingdom

Acting as the capital city of the Six Kingdoms and the seat of Valen III, King of Edelrend, Glimring is an ancient city whose roots extend into the days of the dragons. It is a beacon for travelers along the main roads and remains the financial hub of the kingdom, with the only real bank of the realm. It’s also the home to several noblemen and diplomats from the other five kingdoms.

Rising in its center on a small hill is the castle known as Palestone Keep. Its white stone construction is a remnant of older elven architecture and it’s tall towers reminiscent of teeth. It is surrounded by a 20 foot reinforced pale stone wall and is very well manned. Beyond it sits the first city, surrounded by 14 foot fused, white stone. Now protecting the lavish homes of the wealthy and the finer shops of the realm, this wall once held an enchantment to ward off any attacks from the air. The Cathedral of Eternal Rest (Davan) is also located here and has been the site of many official royal functions. Not to be forgotten, the followers of Aerthas recently built a shrine and hospital in her name along the Western walls. There is also a fairly large population of half-elves and elves of the Old Kingdom that still reside here, so multiple shrines exist to honor their gods as well.

The outer ring of city walls (an 10 foot stone wall) winds haphazardly around the original city and is filled with a multitude of pubs, shops and homes belonging to the common classes. Glimring’s streets, while not free of crime, remain relatively safe because of it boasts magically lit “streetlights” which have burned since the earliest days of the kingdom. It is the only human city to have running water, fed by underground Dwarven aqueducts. Of note too, is its extensive sewer system, which empties deep into the darkest chambers of the earth.


Glimring is separated into fifteen districts or quarters:

  1. ManyHides Quarter – Bordered by the Kings Highway from the GlimmerGate to the BrayGate, this area contains the many tanners, skinners, leatherworker and livestock yards in the city. It has a distinctly animal smell and in some cases, the acrid smell of blood wafts above it. Previous outside of the city walls, recent expansion and the necessity to protect it’s meat supply, has brought these businesses into the protection of Glimring’s guards.
  2. Growers District – Almost the opposite of ManyHides, this clean, gardened area contains farms that grow speciality produce or require the protection of the city walls. It too was beyond the city walls until the last 100 years or so.
  3. Guilds Quarter – While nearly all professions are scattered throughout the city, the Guilds Quarter contains most of the Guildhouses or residences of the GuildMasters and GuildMatrons.
  4. Arcane Quarter – Small, but probably the only place one can buy the supplies necessary for practicing Magecraft.
  5. Temples Quarter – Technically the two largest temples are outside of this district, however this area of the city is a noted location for sages, pilgrims and followers of a faith. There are shrines for each of the Six Kingdom gods here as well as meditative alcoves, bookbinders and scribes.
  6. Travelers Quarter – The mainstay for most adventuring types that enter Glimring. Virtually anything can be found here (however expect to pay a higher price for it) and the variety of pubs and inns are well acquainted with a variety of Folk. Thus, this is actually one of the more accepting populations to strangers in the city.
  7. ManyCoin Quarter – The section of the city containing the Royal Bank, moneylenders, money changers and certain brightsmith trades. It’s notably richer at it’s nexus and there are several high end shops before entering the Lords Gate.
  8. The Royal District – This is the heart of the city, rising on a low hill and punctuated by the Palestone Keep, Hold of King Valen III. Entry is heavily restricted here and typically requires a writ of the King, wearing the colors of particular noble families or recognition as a resident by the city guard. The Lords Gate is even staffed with mages to avoid any magical trickery. The most elaborate city baths can be found here. Access to the Cathedral of Dava here is actually also held as noble privilege.
  9. The Elven Quarter – Modest and clean, this gardenlike district is where the majority of the Elven population live.
  10. West and East Commons – This largest districts and home to the bulk of the common folk. Several businesses here run from the lower floor of the craftsman’s home. It also contains a sub-section known as Northwall – a smattering of stucco apartments along the Northern wall of the city which constitute a good portion of the city’s poor. West Commons is actually a safer, more stable district than East.
  11. Brewers Quarter – A large section of the city dedicated to making beer and spirit. As one passes through this quarter, a variety of pleasant and pungent smells pervade.
  12. Hammerer’s Quarter  – Mostly the home to weaponsmiths and blacksmiths, it’s sooty air lets you know immediately where you are. There are some ferriers here who service traveler’s mounts, but many of them are outside the city walls.
  13. Baker’s Quarter – tucked between the Kings Road South and the walls of the royal district, this quarter is easily one of the most active and pleasant smelling. Here is baked the bread for most local pubs, inns and vendors. It’s filled with great ovens and small pie shops.
  14. Entertainers Quarter – Also tucked against the Royal District, this bustling series of shops and homes is alive with music, art and activity. There are numerous artistic disciplines taught at the Bardica Glimring.
  15. Justicars District – Home to the Mourngate Prison for Offenders of the Law and the Black Hold, where violators of a magical nature are held. Additionally it houses the large Justice House and is home for many barristers, clerks, scribes and executors of Royal edict. There are actually very few shops here and it has the feel of a modern financial or business district.

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