Villages: Stonebridge


Stonebridge was once the hub for travelers along the White Road coming from the Suthers to trade with Glimring. In recent years the stones of the “stone bridge” have settled and collapsed, creating little more than a fording point, making it difficult to get large wagons across the river. Given the tensions between the King and the lords of the Suthers, this is probably best and may answer why he’s never restored the bridge.

Stonebridge town is surrounded by a 16 foot wall of impressive old stone construction. The Grand Gate is big enough for two massive wagons to pass alongside. In the evenings, the portcullis is closed, while massive wooden gates are slid shut to stop any small intruders. However, if there is a true need to pass along the road, a 24 hour watch is imposed at the gatehouse and along the river watch towers. Along its southern side, the town is bordered by the river, with a very slick and steep bank, atop it, a seven foot hedgewall.

Inside the walls is a mix of older stone buildings and newer wood and plaster construction. It boasts a large, clean cistern for public use and a number of business to attend to the needs of travelers and its citizens. Still representative of a rural village, Stonebridge still boasts an enormous variety of available goods. Magic is even peddled in a number of small shops along the outer walls by the cistern.

The Reeve of Edeldale (Becand Wicks) lives here in a comfortable two story, gated manor house and has a number of royally endorsed deputies to collect taxes and mind the peace in the area. Other notable souls residing here are the famous actress Ellera the Lovely, (currently running a large bardic college dedicated to acting and comedy), Dorm Halberd-Breaker, a dwarven diplomat, and a retired gladiator from the lands of Folkstand named Bagba Gnaws-Through-Bone.

There are three other notable features in the town:

The Shining Citadel – This large, two story barracks houses soldiers loyal to the king who act as the town guard. Long ago, there was a plague of lycanthropy in the area that devastated even the town watchmen, so the barracks has a silvered roof and holds veins of silver among its stones. These soldiers of Stonebridge are called the “Bright Watch”. Many a foolish thief has attempted to liberate a section of the shining roof landing them in the bowels of the Riverwatch Tower, a dank and very foul jail.

The Temple of Gilesh – Probably one of the only standing temples from the elderdays, the Temple of Gilesh has remained here since the White Road headed south. Her clergy tend to the graveyard on the outer edge of the city gates. This graveyard has some very famous families buried within it and permission to be buried there must be granted by the High Priestess of Gilesh herself (her title: “Mother Reaper”). The temple is overseen by the 3rd highest official in the Kingdom (Elhak the Uncaring), who most of the town tend to avoid. There are, however a good number of worshippers here who attend service at the temple. (Though the majority of local folk honor either Dava or Aerthas in their own homes).

The Bellowing Boar  – Possible the largest inn of it’s kind in the area it’s a very boisterous, three story inn with a variety of private rooms and common areas. It boasts its own livery (which also services the town) with excellent teamsters and drivers. A long beer hall occupies the inn at its center with a balcony overlooking from the second floor and has many rooms surrounding it. The third floor is mostly private rooms and is cleverly insulated against the noise of the main hall. Rooms come cheap on the lower floors due to the noise, but the entertainment here is always good and the local beers are most affordable. If a traveler seeks quiet, they’d do better with the other inn nearby known as the Wren’s Rest.


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