The Spearfolk – Some insight

While there is a wide variety of cultures among the people of the Northernmost of the Six Kingdoms, the Spearfolk are bound by several common traditions.

Each of the clans has a strong bond to a single animal or totemic spirit. Each clan wears some fetish or item that indicates their membership to that tribe. Whether it be some remnant of the animal itself or an image of that spirit, Spearfolk tribesmen are easily identifiable.

They have a very distinct respect for nature and the land. The bulk of Spearfolk society is agrarian and those tribes that do engage primarily in hunting are immensely responsible about what they take and what they give back. The idea of an indulgent feast amongst the Spearfolk is unheard of. The festivals of the Spearfolk are usually centered around craft, dance and music.

Universally, the clans all produce some sort of weapon that is spear or javelin like and anyone from this culture is certainly proficient in the use of those weapons. The particular type of weapon varies from clan to clan, based on tradition.

The current recognized Tenclans are as follows:

The Dog People (Dulgundi)  –  They wear wolfskins or other skins that make them appear dog like, revere the oldest males of the tribe and never hunt alone. They are probably the largest clan and inhabit the Hills of Howling.
Saying: Dogs run without tiring.

The Otter People (Rhetundi)  –  Fishermen of great reknown, they always wear brown, are excellent swimmers and are universally clever. They reside primarily along the river and their main village is centered in Road’s End.
Saying: Two hands catch many fish.

The Owl People  (Hulundi) –  This clan lives almost exclusively on the plentiful hares that overrun the area of hills known as Little Teeth. They are reserved, but fierce and are the least vocal of the three tribes allied with Glimring. Their village elders live in Owl’s Roost.
Saying: Do not cross an Owl.

The Seven-Hawks People (TathaKahundi) – Residing in a large fort known as Galespear, this clan are master falconers. Most of their magic is aligned to the wind and it’s force. They consider themselves the most free people of the clans.
Saying: The wind cries freedom.

The Timid Clans (Mimilundi) –  This clan is a collection of several other smaller clans (Fox – Fes, Mouse – Emi, Rabbit – Rebi & Squirrel – Sitka) which allied under Temba Fox of the Firey Hair. They are not well organized, but it’s said that the people of the Mimilundi are blessed with luck and can never be restrained. They live along the outer edges of the Tanglewood.
Saying: A [fox / mouse / rabbit / squirrel ] cannot be caught.

The Wolverine Folk (Wovundi) – Stoic and ferocious, the Wovundi pride themselves at being expert wrestlers. Their warriors are well muscled and tenacious. While they normally keep to themselves, Wovundi bodyguards are seen in many cross-clan caravans travelling across the Edelrend. The reside in the large village called Wolverwend in the Common tongue.
Saying: Stand your ground.

The Blind-Bear Clan (GaBrugundi) – Living far North of the primary lands and south of the Falsduran, this clan is a collection of wild men, half-orcs, hobgoblins and others who’ve been scorned by their own peoples. The Blind Bear clan elite are blinded by a bear’s claw and can strike fear into those that meet them. While they are members of the Tenclans, recent tensions have caused them to ignore the call to the Great Dance Under the Sky and other important cross-clan events.
Saying: A bear will find you.

The Snake People (Sessundi) – Thin and pale, this clan prides itself on its connection to it’s totem animal, with snakes in nearly every dwelling. They ritually split their tongues when they come of age and typically tattoo scales across their arms and backs as they grow in fame. Among them are an order of monks called the TwoFangs which are fast and deadly. They are centered around Bowfang. In addition to javelins, Sessundi are talented archers.
Saying: Strike swiftly your foes.

People of the Tall Deer (Daalundi) – Living all across the Tanglewood, this clan is probably the most peaceful of the Tenclans. Their philosophy is to actually run from conflict, but they are masters of the healing arts. Daalundi healers can be found in almost every settlement of the Spearfolk and are highly respected. The elders wear antlers according to their station.
Saying: So goes the heart of the forest.

The Boar Folk (Gogundi) – Proud and strong, these warriors wear the skins and tusks of Dire Boars, which they both protect and cull in the Tanglewood. They don’t interact much with other cultures but do have a strong trade culture with the rangers of ringthorn. Gogundi are known for not backing down and might be one of the bravest of the Tenclans.
Saying: A boar does not back down.


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