The Hamlet of Greenfield

Greenfield_annotated Greenfield is a quiet stop along the West River Road as one leaves Longbridge from the Market Gate. It boasts a population of seventy five souls (sans PCs), which includes the farms east and west along the road.

Greenfield’s is most noted for it’s peaceful and nearly communal lifestyle. Tacitly, the community is run by the senior Matron (Masir) of the Aerthasine temple there which tends a famous wellspring in the hamlet center (2). This well was presumably touched by Aerthas herself, and presumably holds very strong magic. The large 3-story inn (The Sleeping Horse) is famous for a locally brewed Dwarven ale and its ability to accommodate nearly anyone at any hour; it has a regular evening guard staff that watches for late night travelers. Its robust kitchen feeds many of the farmers in the surrounding area and can prepare meals for the road.

A large livery (11) is available to any resident free of charge, though few residents can afford to own a horse. There is a single carriage service available for reasonable charge to take those that can afford it back and forth to Longbridge. Anyone staying at the Sleeping Horse (9) and paying for a room can also use the livery.

A small shrine to Aerthas (1)  is available to any who wish to pray where the road splits heading southwest. Many well off travelers leave gifts there for those in need. At the opposite end, where the road rejoins (3), is a spot where sermons are delivered and public events are held. Occasionally, other lay-pastors hold congregation, but are usually ignored because the town is very centered on Aerthasian worship.

Also of note are  the very well stocked knife and weapons shop next to the inn (10), a small shop where honey and candles are sold (8) and a retired alchemist’s shop (4), where the occasional magic item can be found. (It’s owner, Gladrig the Alert – a shrewd elven shopkeep – is always in the market to buy items as well). The village also boasts a fairly robust outfitter (5) which stocks a variety of sundries and a butcher’s shop (6), where fresh meats are sold at the start of each week. Next door is the Greenfield Brewery (7), which now only produces honey-mead, a very popular drink with the travelers passing through.

The hamlet is relatively quiet and it’s likely at least one of the characters is from here or resides here on an ongoing basis. It is virtually crime free, primarily because one of the larger farms belongs to Denenn Ironblade, a former warrior, local hero and acting Guardian under the Sherrif of Longbridge. The hamlet business is run by a council of the eldest farmer, the appointed Guardian and the Masir. Most recently, the eldest farmer (a halfling known as Barma Buckslayer) has fallen gravely ill and his replacement is being discussed.

Name: Greenfield

Alignment and Type: Neutral Good  | Hamlet

Special Qualities: Holy Site

Danger: Low

Government : Council of the Three (Village Elders)

Notable PCs:  

Shire Reeve – Dennen Ironblade 

Church MatronMasir Ohan

Elder Grower – Barma Buckslayer

Innkeep of the Sleeping Horse – Angrin the Javelin

Village Center Population : 54 (62 humans, 2 dwarves, 3 half-elf, 1 elf, 7 halflings)

Spellcasting: 4th


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