Kingdom : SUTHERS



Suthers stretches from the South of the Sutherhills between the two great Elven forests. Not actually a kingdom, it’s a confederacy of ex-pat noblemen who didn’t fall into line with the Glimring King.

Currently, they are headed by a council of five, the leader of which is a calculating and shrewd, pale lord named Daedolid. Some rumor that he is actually a vampire or that he is actually the puppet of a vampire lord hiding in Blackhold, but Daedolid himself was presented to Valen III by daylight to disprove such talk.

He sits at Southwatch and has a small force willing and able to defend their Northern border if pressed. Also in his charge are a group of Beastmaster that patrol the land with Dire wolf companions, further fueling the rumors that he himself can become a wolf (many suggest the wolves that are spotted on patrol are actually Daedolid, leading the charge in animal form.

Other lords of note are an old and frail descendant of Ezreth, Count Ildarrim, whose holdings include the Blackhold and Ashmire. Similarly ranked is the Captain of Rangers at Fort Greenbow, Berres Brannan, who has dominion over the Fort and the two villages north of it (Bannerreach and Huddlestead). Finally, Banehold is overseen by the Contessa Harin, a talented sorceress and old friend of Daedolid.

While the Confederacy seem to constantly be preparing for invasion, the land itself is fairly peaceful and is soldiers of the banner are mostly responsible for the safety of travel and trade along the Rangers Road.


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