The Northern Barbarian tribes are quite diverse, from the Falsduran of the farthest ice floes to the Tenclans of the Spearfolk, they each have specific customs and traditions that keep them separated from civilized society. However, in recent times three of the Spearclans broke from the old ways to ally with the kingdoms; the Owl People (people of Little Teeth area), Otter People (Fishermen of Folksrun) and the Wolf People (in the Hills of Howling). Each of their respective leaders found cause to turn to the South for aid or goods. Rather than compete, they banded together, forging what is known as the Three Spears of Folkstand. While there are other smaller tribes that look to the Three Spears for protection, those three leaders must agree on any decision affecting the people of the region.  Their greatest challenge and threat comes from further North. The Blind-Bear Clan leader (Omak Who Has No Wounds) has amassed a small horde of troops comprising of Hobgoblins, Orcs and Wild men.

As a part of the agreement of the Six Kingdoms, rangers from Fort Greenbow are often deployed to the Tanglewood to keep tabs on the wild clans and to help protect Folkstand. The Greenhands (as they are known) have an outpost called Ringthorn deep in the woods from where they run their operations. They also provide training to the Folkstandi who have produced a very talented group of beastmasters.



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