Kingdom : EDELREND



The original Kingdom of Men are the descendants of Herras the Dragonslayer. The blood red of the court dress, its crest of a greatsword impaling a dragon’s skull and the great stone city of Glimring (built to repel the dragons’ fire) are all reminders of how this kingdom began. The King of Edelrend is currently Vallen III and he rules from the Taper Hall Keep rising on a hill at the heart of Glimring (Some may also refer to this as WhiteHall, which was Glim the Unquenched’s center of power prior to the city’s construction around it).

Valen’s kingdom, though small, contains a number of exceptionally loyal lords and nobles ready to come to his aid at a moments notice. It spans from the Briarwood down to the Wheatsea, South to the Thundering River, and then skirts Suther Hills and Eldwyd. Its abundant resources, relative recent peace, and well-maintained roads make it very enviable among the Six Kingdoms.

Taxes are moderate, but the King does show tangible result from the collection of funds, so the majority if the villages and territory support his efforts. One exception to this is a band of very active thieves known as the “Shadows of Stillwood”; while numerous attempts have been made to flush them out, the King accepts their petty thievery as a consequence of his rule, so they operate fairly freely. The Shadows do not attack civilians but instead occasionally lighten the load of any royal tax collectors in their area.


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