To suggest that the forests of the Aelfrenir are dark and ancient is to say the sun rises. Some suggest that there are trees in its heart that predate the dragons and they may not be wrong.

Aelfrenir is the home to the lithe ruling class of Elves that were the first to interact with Dragonkind. It’s thought that sorcery itself found its way into the weave there. But in the Civil Age it is the home of the Elven Landhold. They claim it as exclusively theirs and it remains unchallenged. Named for the Last Father of Elves, Aelfrin, no king currently rules in the heart of the forest. There is only a conclave of “princes” (the Aelhadreth) who each rule a portion of the forest. Of note, the Aelhadren Emmaeas is Lord Protector of what is now called the Plain of Ash. In each of the villages of Widowdale, Fendal and Seahope sits a half-elven Reeve related to him. He is one of the few Aelhadreth that interact at all with the other kingdoms. 

An Emissary named Ehshandra acts as the primary diplomatic connection to the rest of the Six. She travels with five very well trained bodyguards who take up a five pointed defense called “the Ashen Star.”  Little is known about them, save their association with a monastic order called the House of Lilies of the Sky. This is one of the “Flower Schools” of martial training among the elves and while it sounds pleasant, they’ve produced some very well trained, brutal assassins. 

There are also a number of Elven rangers who roam the woods known as the “Swiftarrows”. They tend to be a bit ethnocentric and are nearly all trained in the path of archers.


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