Kindom : FIRDENG



Firdeng is rather unique in the age of it’s reign; the Dwarves can claim a royal lineage that nearly pre-dates the dragons. And in it’s legends the dwarves were once dwellers of the coasts, hills and seas. Rugged craftsmen, who travelled the lands in the Days Before Darkness. But their homes under the mountains came at the hands of cruel dragons who took their lands and tore their kingdom asunder.

Firdeng has a proud history and lays claim to all the Mountain territories from the Briarwood north until where they intersect with the sea. No human lord has challenged this, since ruling the territory of the Ancestor Mountains from above ground is near impossible.

The kingdom itself is a network of tunnels, halls and undercities which lead to the underground keep known as Durangandl (IronHall), where the current Dvarduul (DwarvenKing — named Hrotden) resides. His army, called the Thousand Hammers (Barguld) is made of grisled Dwarven veterans who would all lay down their lives to defend the title. Deep in his keep there are an even more dedicated group called the Baogdessen (Blood Warded) who carry firearms and are his personal bodyguard. Their DeepCrafters are the only ones who have mastered the art of creating guns. His second in command is the Fenguld (Underhammer) which also roughly translates into “Prince”.

Hengvind, the entry to the Deep Earth Lane (or Finrul Hemmen in Dwarvish) is ruled by a Dwarven Duke known as the Vangaguld (or OverHammer), himself a relative of the king. He is a very popular figure amongst the Six Kingdoms since he is the face of Firdeng above ground. Few, if any, can claim to have been in the presence of the Dwarvenking, but many have seen or feasted with the Vangaguld. Some even suggest the Vangaguld is actually the King himself playing an elaborate trick on the world.

The Dwarven craftsmen of the Firdeng have produced some elaborate and geometric pieces of craft that are legendary to artisans and soldiers alike. Greatest among these is the FarHold, a massive wall that contains the undead in the former Valley of Hope. However, it’s frightening power, fueled by cannon fire and magic, make most humans in the remaining kingdoms suspicious of the Dwarves.



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