Kingdom : ELDWYD



Eldwyd extends from South of the Greybarrows, out to the wood line East of the Lady’s Lakes and contains the lowest extents of the Old South Road.

It’s current rule is Eostra, the ancient Elven (former) princess of the First Kingdoms. Her rule is unquestioned due to her status as a powerful wizard. However, the Elves of the Eldwyd defer to her and no other lord desires to try tame the old forest.

It’s capital is in Birch haven, the home of the Ash Elves (so named for their white skin and hair). A number of wild elves also make their home in the Eldwyd, but they remain free and owe nothing to the crown. The only truly human settlement inside the boundaries of the kingdom is Spurweed, so aligned because it’s magister offended the Lord Southwatch and has petitioned protection from Eostra.

Any criminal trespasses, especially that of poaching deer or trees from the forest, are swiftly met with retribution by Eostra’s “Edowith Naestur” (Green Defenders), a small but efficient of Elven ranger/warriors who patrol the lands. They answer directly to her and occasionally can be seen outside Eldwyd to do her bidding.

The kingdom itself is as old as the forest and holds all things Elven sacred. However, they do assuage to the ideal of the Six Kingdoms, since Eostra remembers the times of war and doesn’t wish to repeat them.




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